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You will need to participate in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) Verifier Status Maintenance (VSM) program.  The VSM program is to ensure that Verifiers develop and enhance their professional-level sustainability and verification knowledge and skills during the time period that they retain the status of Verifier for the Higg FEM program. The VSM program primarily emphasizes direct verification experience but also makes allowances for professional development activities when there is an environmental sustainability or verification aspect. Verifiers are required to submit documentation on an annual basis in order to maintain their status as a Verifier.

Every year, verifiers must take action to maintain their status. This can be accomplished by submitting a VSM Worksheet or by retaking the full training, including the proctored exam (if you wish to retake the training, please contact Sumerra).

A Verifier maintains status via VSM Worksheet by meeting the minimum requirements.  The categories for status maintenance points include:

Category 1: Conducting Verifications
Category 2: Higg Index FEM Training Attendance
Category 3: Higg Index FEM Training Delivery
Category 4: Other Specialized Training Attendance
Category 5: Other Specialized Training Delivery
Category 6. Other Environmental Assessments/Audits
Category 7. Higg Index FEM Shadow Assessments
Category 8. Capacity Building Projects / Consultancy work for impact areas included in FEM
Category 9. Higg FEM technical review of verification results
Category 10: Environmental Accreditation / Qualification from another industry Scheme (ZDHC, etc.)
Category 11: Attendance at Environmental Conferences
Category 12: Questions Accepted for Use in Exams (Click button below for form)

When submitting the VSM worksheet, the Verifier will be required to pay a fee. Payment of fees is a condition of maintaining status. Fees are non-refundable.The cost of submittal and review of a VSM worksheet in 2019 is US$200.

During each annual cycle, some Verifiers are randomly selected for a VSM audit. Activities claimed on the worksheet are verified through written, impartial records.