Generally, no. We are approving individuals and not companies. However, if changing companies impacts maintenance of certain criteria (e.g. insurance) this could result in loss of approval. We will be requiring approved individuals to update us and complete a new application if they change companies so we can maintain a current contact list that is available to facilities and reconfirm they remain eligible based on the criteria. 

The general process is as follows (the full policy is provided as an attachment):

  1. Notification from either departing company or new company with name of verifier / trainer (and ID number if available)
  2. We will temporarily suspend the verifier / trainer in the database.
  3. The applicant must complete (and pay for) a new application (
  4. Notify Sumerra that the application is complete. We will review the updated info and approve. They can disregard any emails about training, they do not need to take the training again.
  5. Sumerra will re-activate the verifier / trainer with new company info.
  6. Verifier / Trainer should update their profile (e.g. username, email, company info, etc.) in STEP (training site).